Are harry and hermione dating

Of course, Harry, in a typical show of Gryffindor courage confronted the evil wizard in an attempt to allow the majority of the guests to get away from the killing rampage.

Voldemort taunted Harry for some time about the death of Dumbledore as Harry was watching the guests escape unharmed.

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Harry was keenly aware that his two friends were in the beginning stages of a relationship and voiced his concerns of the effect that the journey very likely would have on it.

Surprisingly, Hermione appeared somewhat relieved to hear Harry's concerns while Ron was skeptical at best.

Harry craved that same connection with Ginny, because he often found the girl's actions to be rash and unpredictable, even for his standards.

With a flick of his wand he sent his friends back to the relative safety of the burrow.

Harry had found it interesting that he never really had any interest in Ginny until the last year and how he always felt so detached when he was with her.

It made him feel normal, and yet if there was one thing Harry wasn't, it was normal and it bothered him.

Prologue: Following the events of Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry went back to the Dursleys one final time, as had been requested of him by the late Albus Dumbledore.

Harry spent his week at the Dursleys in peace and left quietly without anyone noticing his departure, never to see the inhabitants of 4 Privet Drive again.

Harry originally planned on skipping his seventh year of schooling at Hogwarts to complete the task of finding and destroying all of the Horcruxes that Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, had created.

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