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He had the churches of the Macedonians in the Hellespont seized, and took measures against the Qrartodecimans who remained in Asia Minor.He also attacked the Novatians, in spite of the good reputation of their bishop. He received no reply, but Marius Mercator, a disciple of St.

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The recent discovery of a Syriac version of the (lost) Greek apology for Nestorius by himself has awakened new interest in the question of his personal orthodoxy.

The (mutilated) manuscript, about 800 years old, known as the "Bazaar of Heraclides", and recently edited as the "Liber Heraclidis" by P.

His friends, John of Antioch , and his party, deserted him, and at the wish of the Emperor, at the beginning of 433, joined hands with Cyril, and Theodoret later did the same.

The bishops who were suspected of being favourable to Nestorius were deposed.

As stated above, the "Bazaar" has newly been published (Paris, 1910) in the Syriac translation in which alone it survives.

The rest of the fragments of Nestorius have been most minutely examined, pieced together and edited by Loofs.Chrysostom's memory among the people of the imperial city may have influenced the Emperor's choice of another priest from Antioch to be court bishop.He was consecrated in April, 428, and seems to have made an excellent impression.But Nestorius was proud : he showed no sign of yielding or of coming to terms; he put in no plea of appeal to Rome.He retired to his monastery at Antioch with dignity and apparent relief.He was at one time carried off by the Nubians (not the Blemmyes) in a raid, and was restored to the Thebaid with his hand and one rib broken.

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