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Also, when the officers checked their documents, they discovered the suspects’ visas were expired.

The prostitution system in Egypt depends on pimping.

As prostitution is illegal in Egypt, no taxes are paid on it.

In a press statement, the department disclosed the concerned authorities have identified the company and its owner that brought the arrested Egyptians into the country on a commercial visa.

The department revealed the owner of the company received money from the Egyptians as ‘commission’ from their immoral practices.

“I agreed and before long some of the female guests started asking me to sleep with them for money.

They paid well, more than I could earn during a whole month, that’s how I found myself another job,” he told Sputnik.Not far away a dozen other men are standing on the side of the street to make it easier for potential clients to make their pick without leaving the car.One of these young men, named Muhaya, said that after graduating from the law department of a local university, he failed to find a job at a local hotel.Mind, the mental health charity, has gone into the school in Maidstone, Kent, to train staff. The Public Relations and Security Media Department in the Ministry of Interior has confirmed the arrest of four Egyptians for engaging in immoral acts, along with another Egyptian found to be suffering from a communicable disease and was arrested earlier.They affirmed their sponsor is aware of their immoral practices and he received commission from every ‘transaction’ which they carried out regularly — twice or thrice a day.

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