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In, "The occult Roots of Nazism", historian Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke identifies the roots of Satanic occultism in western history: Satanic occultism has its basis in a perverted religious way of thinking, the roots of which stretch back into antiquity....

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Around the table, left to right: Preston Hotchkis, California Governor Ronald W.

Reagan, Harvey Hancock (standing), Vice President Richard M. The Elite, for 10,000 years, have used meditation and psychic powers as part of their mind control arsenal.

The Battle of Armageddon can only be won by sufficient Angels to fight against the Demons.

The point of this introductory missive is that 72 Empires have been recorded and every one of them has failed in the same way.

The Ancient Enemy who counts meditation and the mind control psychic arts as one of its main planks of World Domination has used Satanic Infil-Traitors for 10,000 years in every Organisation - Religion, Left and Right Politics, Dynastic Families, Geopolitics, Economics, Universities, Intelligence Services, Think Tanks, Banking, International Companies, Eugenics - When I suddenly stopped believing in the Lie I did not begin to think differently - I saw differently, as if something was gone from the world or gone from between me and the world which had always been there. Congress: Union of Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine, The Dove, swallowed by Rothschilds and minions such as Morgans, Rockefellers etc. If you really think that my analysis is a form of softness or passivity then you really misread me and the purpose of this site.

Like a scrambling device that had been removed: deliberate scrambling. Their lodge member urban planner and his masters are telling you: Congress? You probably know that it is a well-known problem with despots and dictators when the gradually surround themselves with only those kind of advisors who enthusiastically agree with everything the despot wants to hear and with everything the despot says.This is the part which YOU (collective you) must do (or refuse to do).Breakfast at Owls Nest Camp, Bohemian Grove, July 23, 1967.White Kundalini activating Hatha Yoga practices as Mulabandha (anal sphincter lock), and Asvini Mudra (alternating relaxation and contraction of the anus) Yogic Flying, and white Kundalini activating Angelic - connected to goodness and the thousand years old Traditions of the ENLIGHTENED Spiritual Masters - Energy Enhancement practices of the Agnisar Kriya, Pranayama and the Energy Enhancement Meditative practises of the Kundalini Kriyas deepened by Alchemical VITRIOL and the Kundalini Key which do not pervert and degenerate, which connect you to the Energies of the Universe itself instead allowing you to increase the storage within you of pure positive spiritual energy, thus accelerating - Speeding Up!! The Satanic Homosexual practice of Anal intercourse and of Ritual Sex (with the Whore of Babylon) is the Dark Tantric equivalent of such White Kundalini activating Hatha Yoga practices, Maharishi Yogic Flying and white Kundalini activating Energy Enhancement practices of the Kundalini Kriyas deepened by Alchemical VITRIOL and the Kundalini Key which do not pervert and degenerate, instead they increase the pure positive spiritual energy stored, thus accelerating - Speeding Up!! In a spiritual sense, Satanic Pederastic Sodomites have been illuminated or initiated into the illumination of Lucifer.The initiation into the light of Lucifer is achieved by sodomy of the three year old.Sometimes people reading the Truth get depressed by it.

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