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Blue stripes indicate sovereignty and peace; red stands for the revolution and struggle for the establishment of socialism; white -- a traditional Korean symbolic color -- stands for purity and dignity of the nation and its ideals.The star symbolizes the Korean Worker's Party and the building of socialism.

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The 33-year-old autocrat has a habit of testing missiles and nuclear weapons on dates significant to his family’s three-generation dynasty.

The rogue state has fired 23 missiles during 15 tests since February – three of which were ICBMs – and one nuclear test, its sixth and largest, in 2017.

But in the coming weeks, analysis from by the Center for Strategic and International Studies indicates a new missile or nuclear test is highly likely on an important date.

In a bombshell assessment, the respected Washington DC think tank believe that North Korea will strike on Sunday December 17.

Analysis by Madden suggests that the next missile will not be a Hwasong-15, raising the possibility of the secretive state testing a new deadly weapon.

Experts believe North Korea's next aim is to test the Juche Bird – a nuclear warhead strapped to an ICBM.

That date is the anniversary of Kim’s father, Kim Jong-il, who died in 2011 after taking power in 1997.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, Michael Madden, founder and director of NK Leadership Watch, said it is “certainly possible” North Korea will fire a missile on that date.

In separate analysis, a Chinese source has said Beijing believes Pyongyang will probably carry out one more big nuclear test.

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