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For some, but not necesarily everyone, the change in seasons can calm down some symptoms while surfacing other symptoms. Now think about it, does it out way the positive things? So the question comes back to what others have said, do you love him? As you can tell by now it's not my feelings that have put me with this concern, it was that I wasn't sure if I was going into something that I really didn't understand. He walks but lately he has had some much on his plate that I wasn't sure what part was the MS-bad-guy or what was his personality. Dee Dots Mom: I truly do love him, it was just something I had to ask myself if I was Love struck or in love. Nothing seems permanent - no definite answers - just working together through the times.

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So a question for you right now is, feel in over your head right now? My husband will never leave me, and I know this, but we have been together since I was 10 and he was 12. If the shoe were on the other foot I would not leave him either, but it would create a lot of pain to see him suffer as I know it does for him when he sees me do poorly. Gregg has just been through the big " D" (and I don't mean Dallas)(well that doesnt sound good, -let me clear that up - we only started dating months after she left him).

Take some time to walk one day at a time with your boyfriend through your life together and see how it fits with you for a little while. Ellen I don't feel like I can offer you any sound advice. I have MS, and will never find anyone that wants to be with me. Hi there PPCGirl, I have had MS for almost 4 yrs, and been married for 15 yrs. I think what I would do in your situation is this, think about all the reasons you love him, he sounds like a great guy if he is willing to hang out with both girls. It is a difficult choice, but one only you can make...

I asked my husband what if I became paralyzed and needed to be in a chair what then, he said it didn't bother him none, I just couldn't get to him fast when he talked smart. Before I married my husband I asked myself the question, do I see myself with this man if he couldn't walk, or see and other things and the answer was yes so I knew he was the one. My best advice would be to answer the following questions.

You just have to be truthful with yourself if you love him enough to be with him thru the good as well as the bad. Sounds like you two have a very loving relationship! One, how do you feel about him, two, what is MS about and is it something that you can embrace through the good and the bad alike, and three, how will this relationship affect your daughters when he is more ill.

He says to me often are you sure you are up for this kinda like a free pass to get out!

PPC MS is a hard thing to deal with, but if you truly love him then it shouldn't be the reason you break up.My advice is sit down talk to him about his symptoms and maybe go to a doc appt. Remember the only wrong decision would be staying because of guilt or leaving out of fear. now we are begining to see what ..sickness and in health...really means.... If you love him..will get through this..let anyone put doubts in your mind about it... Follow sweetnsassy's advice..phrased it perfectly hugs heather Hi, I have had MS for 11 years this October.with him and learn more about what he is facing and then decide if you can handle it. Search your heart and I am sure you will figure out what is best for you. My first excerbation and resulting diagnosis, left me paralyzed from my neck down with some movement in my right arm.You asked if you were way in over your head,...first, if you have not already done so... You must decide, and whatever you decide, it is understandable. Jertol: I didn't find him; God put me in his life and him into mine. My love for him has not changed; well it has gotten stronger or better, which ever. He's such a kind and giving person that it has been so easy to love him. Heather1: Sorry that you have so much on your "plate".I imagine you probably already have...out everything you can to understand the details of MS and talk a lot with your boyfriend about his individual needs, etc..MS is as individual as each person is.."work with it" an individual, it takes time to know. No one should be forced to live with MS, but everyone with MS has a right to be loved. Trust in God and just be honest and up front, you deserve love and to be loved, it will happen. The advice just love him for him is just what I do. Carol1030: Thank you so much for your kind words, they really do help. Thanks again for your help and your kind words of advise. There's ups and downs - he may be worse at the moment and then willhave a re-prieve - that's what happens with me. Whispers4has been helping disabled singles find love online and trusted since 2002.

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