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- Improved PNG compression ratio by using tweaking Opti PNG parameters. - Improved PNG compression ratio including Png Optimizer. - Slightly improved compression speed by launching plugins in quiet mode when available. - Grid contents can be sorted ascending and descending by clicking on column headers.

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- Assured that APNG files with PNG extension are properly detected regardless of the extension (maadjordan).

- Improved JPEG compression ratio and speed updating to jpegoptim 1.2.4 (custom built with libjpeg 8d).

- Improved JPEG compression ratio by tweaking jpegtran parameters. - Extended ZIP support to and - Ability to automate file optimization by invoking File Optimizer with one or more command line parameters, supporting folders to recurse or files.

- Improved PNG compression ratio by tweaking PNGOut parameters.

Introduction File Optimizer is an advanced file optimizer featuring a lossless (no quality loss) file size reduction that supports: .3G2, .3GG, .3GP, .7Z, .

1.00 - 2012/08/11 - Added PDF recompression support. - Improved PNG/MNG/APNG compression including pngcrush.. page=File Optimizer - Official author's website: - Improved PNG compression ratio by tweaking PNGOut and Opti PNG parameters. 1.20 - 2012/08/16 - Added DLL optimization support. - Improved PNG compression by adding pngwolf (m^2). - Improved JPEG compression ratio instructing jpegtran to generate progressive images (Stephan Busch). - Colored rows in files grid to make it easy to read.

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