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Standiford successfully taps into the feeling of growing up on a small East Coast island. Her strength of character shines as she faces challenges with humor and resilience.The plot covers a lot of grounda birthday party, a school dance, soccer games, sailing competitions, and even the appearance of a pirate ghost.School Library Journal, January 2016 Gr 3-6Ten-year-old Claire Warren has a rocky start to the school year.

The girls emerge from their experiences with an appreciation of their genuine friendship and the courage to make positive changes in their lives.

A characteristically insightful tale that affirms the importance of true friendship and self-acceptance. 9-13) (Click the title link above for more reviews plus personal photos from Russia) *Publishers Weekly, May 27, 2013 Standiford (Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters) paints a somber portrait of communist Russia during the early 1980s in this love story tinged with intrigue.

Suddenly, Lavender experiences the popular life as Scarlet, and Scarlet endures the many taunts that punctuate Lavenders school days.

As they scramble to resolve their dilemma, the girls form a reluctant collaboration.

There are implausible moments, but the courage in Claires consistent refusal to change herself to please others always feels genuine.

VERDICT An engaging tale of unwavering self-acceptance.Readers will laugh out loud and emerge from the story satisfied with the cheerful resolution.Kirkus Reviews, December 18, 2013 A wish, a shared birthday and some theater magic transform the lives of two young teens.It also becomes more dangerous, making Laura wonder whether Alyoshas affection is sincere.The desperation behind the Iron Curtain is dramatically portrayed as Laura witnesses the restrictions Alyosha and his friends endure.Although Lavenders and Scarlets birthdays are on the same day, their lives are polar opposites.

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