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They believe in a single powerful being, have the equivalent of guardian angels, so there 's a few similarities with European religions.

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your i didnt know where to post this thread but here goes, i read sumthing on voodoo last week and kind of got me thinking what the hell its all abt? Like that one potion that apparantly makes people appear "dead" aka no signs of life whatsoever...they're buried.the families grieve..than the person wakes up 2 weeks later.....having claimed that they could hear everything going on around them....is, unless they were buried alive.....*shivers*.

I don't know what to believe in cases like that, but I *do* know that it's probably enough that I wouldn't want to pi$$ off someone that lived in the jungle!! My $0.02 : it comes originally from West Africa (Fela Kuti followers know what I mean), and was brought to America with the slaves.

They still hail the famous voodoo queen Marie Laveau, and visit her tomb frequently. It's nothing more then superstition imo, like walking under a ladder of stepping on a crack.

It looks really wierd..tomb had "X's" drawn all over it...don't know the significance of that... They are finding out a lot of voodoo curses are not curses but instead caused by poison.

I heard the zombies are people who are drugged to their eyeballs, and have little brain left.

You can pretend to bury them for a while and stuff if needed.

The person is buried and later dug up and because they have suffered brain damage,they can made into a "zombie" and used for slave labor. A person is hexed and the witch or warlock has ways of slipping poisons to the victim that will cause sickness and death.

These countries are very poor and can't afford adequate medical treatment and forensic investigations to properly debunk and prosecute the people who victimize others with these things.

But it's very hard to dissociate history from hollywood stories. Apparently it was also once common in bayou country and also appears to have passing resemblence to Santeria, a South American belief system that appears to mix Catholicism with mysticism.

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